Packages and Prices

To make it easier for our customers we offer package solutions.
If you choose to begin with Mini package, you can upgrade to Plus, Premium or Max at any time.
You can also add extra services to an existing package, so it might not be necessary to upgrade if you lack a specific function.

In addition, there are currently 100′s of add-ons (plug-ins), that we can install in your shop. If you need a function we don’t have, we can almost always take care of it for you.

You can pay in either quarterly installments or annually and save 20% as well as invoicing costs.
You can click on + (plus) beside a function to read more about it.

Monthly price
Compare price with payment yearly.




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On your terms
Shortest contract period*
* contract period is the period you choose to pay for

Pay annually and save 20% as well as invoicing costs.
3 mth* 3 mth* 12 mth Flex (even buy)
fr. 399 Euro/mth

Start fees

No start charges on Mini, Plus or Premium
0 kr 0 kr 0 kr Quote

Transaction fees – none from our side

No transaction charges from our side.
None None None None
30 day

If, against all expectations, you are not satisfied with your shop or our services, and we are unable rectify this matter, you have the right to a full refund of your money during the first 30 days.
This applies to all of our packages excluding possible domain registration fees.
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Max number of products

If you have one product, i.e a t-shirt in several different colours and/or sizes, designs etc, they count as only one product.

The system supports even downloadable files and programs etc
In advanced and enterprise package one can purchase support for additional products/articles over the 100 000 that are included
5000 extra products, 175 SEK/ mth
20 000 extra products, 250 SEK/ mth
50 000 extra products, 375 SEK/ mth
100 000 extra products, 625 SEK/ mth

10,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Unlimited product images

Unlimited amount of product images

Unlimited extra pages in the e-store

You can easily create extra pages for general information etc.

Hosting for Talex e-store is included
with very generous traffic and space included

Hosting, internet hotel, e-mail and dns at No extra cost.
Space for own images and files etc.
Base 500Mb, advanced 1 Gb, enterprise 3 Gb
Traffic/mth (Gb).
Base 10Gb, advanced 50Gb, enterprise 100Gb

10Gb/month is enough to cover at least 15000 ”unique” visitors per month.
We monitor your traffic and let you know if you need to upgrade (extra traffic +5Gb/mån 50kr/mth)
Please note however that none of our customers have ever needed to purchase extra traffic because our system automatically compresses content.
Web hosting on Swedish servers alt USA, Uk or Holland.
NB: Compare us to other e-shop providers, which often have a limit of a couple of Gb/mth for all packages.

Own domain name

Own domain name for your e-store (if you already one have or register one)
.se, .com, .nu etc from only 120:-/yr
Otherwise is inluded without extra cost.

Product alternatives

Create a product and attach different sizes, colurs and more to them. Unlimited amount of alternatives. You can even have different prices for each alternative if you wish (plus or minus).

Design and Layout
Choose a template and a Tool
so that you can change design, colours and layout yourself.

Choose between 6 different colour templates.
Futhermore a tool is included in all our packages so that you can yourself change design, colours and layout.

Color customizing
to fit your profile

We help with color customizing of boxes to fit your profile. Maximum one colour on Mini package, two on Plus and Premium.

Unique design – design
with total freedom

If you have knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can edit the design files. In addition to changing the color and style, you can also create custom graphics that you can use in your store and add the path to the graphics in the CSS file and specify where and how it will be displayed.
You need a good knowledge of CSS/html.

Other design services can be purchased
if you can not manage yourself or do not have time

Talex can offer web design and production of e-shops with professional design and a custom layout for you as a company to exploit the selling power of the Internet. Read more
Payment methods
Payment methods
Cash on delivery (COD), Payment In advance (bank transfer), cash on pickup/self-delivery.

Cash on delivery (COD), Payment In advance (bank transfer), cash on pickup/self-delivery.
Read more

Credit cards,
and internet bank

Support for Credit cards/internet bank
via Payer, Billmate, Certitrade, Dibs, Nets, Samport, Paypal eller Payson and more.
Even other European and American services i.e Banque Populaire.

pay with invoice and partial payments

Klarna (incl KCO)
and ‘Partial payments’

Support för hire-purchase,
SveaWebpay, Klarna, Handelsbanken or Wasa Kredit

Own invoicing
even with the possibility of automatic real-time credit check via CreditSafe

Support for own invoicing connected to an automatic credit check with for example CreditSafe – Read more

Shipping methods
After weight, fetch, own delivery
free shipping, fixed price per order, % of order value and more.

Customer fetch or own delivery, free shipping (always), free over a certain amount, fixed price per order, % of order value, advanced shipping – after weight depending upon total weight and delivery country/zone (the weight table can be the Swedish posts, another post system, and/or Schenker/DHL etc).


i.e X:- for all orders up to €100, then xx:- between 101-500:- etc

SEO – Search engine optimization
Award winning SEO system
Talex webshop share 1st place in SEO-test of e-store systems

SEO-experts Jajja Communications have examined 35 Swedish e-store systems / e-commerce platforms. Talex Webshop share 1st place with 4.9 of maximum 5.0 i points.

Unique and SEO-friendly URLs
for every product, category and page

Every link/url includes concrete and relevant searchwords based on content. This gives you an advantage in a search-engines ranking and position for your web-site page.

Unique ‘tags’
- All tags are unique among the pages and are automatically set by the system unless the user specifies custom tags.

All tags are unique among the pages and are automatically set by the system unless the user specifies custom tags.

för Google, Yahoo och Bing

The system has standard sitemap functionality but also creates a XML sitemap that the users can use in his Google Webmaster Tools or for Yahoo/Bing

Images get Alt-descriptions

Automatically sets the product name in the Alt description for product images (the alternate text that explains what the image represents, and that is read by search engines.

H1/H2/H3 headings
Our system allows users to use the h1/h2/h3 tag and enter titles. If the user does not create his/her own titles, our system will create them automatically.

Our system allows users to use the h1/h2/h3 tag and enter titles. If the user does not create his/her own titles, our system will create them automatically.

Google Analytics and tracking

The system has a built-in tool for tracking and supports third-party tracking of all orders and products.
Läs mer

Google Adwords 750kr voucher

As a Talex customer you get a 750 kr voucher for advertising with Google Adwords

Redirect of an old website
(301 redirect and/or Canonical links

The system offers all the possibilities to 301 old URLs to new ones as well as Canonical links. Contact us for more info.

Message with order

The store owner and customer gets an e-mail for every order.

Campaign management

Create automatic date/time decided offers in your store.

Different VAT / Moms tax rates

Different VAT/Moms per product (for example 6%, 12% and/or 25% together in Sweden)
as well as automatic VAT/Moms handling within and outside of EU. (France, Belgium and all countries even with different rates!)

Inventory control

Automatic stock control – For every order your stock is automatically reduced accordingly.

Search engine optimization functions:
so that you are well-placed and can optimize for search-engines.

Frames-free, SEO/friendly urls, search words, auto tags H1/H2 titles, XML site-map.
(SEO urls och auto tags – all new stores after April 2008. H1/H2 and xml sitemap).
XML-sitemap för Google, Yahoo och Bing
A XML-site map for all your categories and products that we send to Google, Yahoo and Bing in order that they can better index your pages.

Price agents

Support for price comparison of products in Pricerunner, Prisjakt, Kelkoo etc (automatic text output file)

Same product in several categories

Products can be included in several categories

Purchase with or without account

A customer can purchase without the need to create an account.
The function can be activated/deactivated in admin.

Quick checkout

Shipping-, pay- and confirm order on the same page. Your customer can decide whether to create an account or not.
Even “fetch address” if you have for example Klarna, Sveawebpay or Handelsbanken
Choice of shipping and payment is made on the same page.

LanguagesSwedish and/or English or an international version?
Each language can be enabled / disabled via admin.

The Mini store can have English and/or Swedish.
In advanced, you can have English, Swedish plus 2 nordic langauges. Each language can be activated or disabled via admin. In Premium or Max, you can have an extra 4 languages of your choice (admin is always English or Swedish)
You can have different languages in admin and for customers.
Our system recognises the country that a customer is in, and serves the webshop first in the appropriate language (if that language is installed). The customer can of course change language.
See list

(only frontend, for customers)
Admin is available in Swedish or English.

Additional currencies
(in addition to SEK)

The system supports all currencies – with automatic exchange rate updates!

Print invoices/consignment notes

Print invoice directly from Talex Webshop only if you offer ‘own’ invoice as a selectable payment method.
If you have Klarna or another partner for invoicing you do not need this function.

Newsletter (to your customers)

Sale of download files and

Sale of download products that a customer can download after payment.

Parcel search in the shop

Package searching connected with the Swedish postal system
- we install free of charge on request.

‘All products page’

Helps search engines index the website

‘Quick updater’

Updates the entire product line at once. Price changes in %, etc.

Display price with or wihout tax

Customer can choose between prices including or excluding VAT.
- we install free of charge on request.

SEO extras:
Own meta tags (instead of automatic unique), Analytics, advanced Google/Yahoo tracking for e-commerce transactions.

Google Analytics, (integration of tracking all the way to checkout)
The possibility to add your own tags (instead of the unique tags that are automatically created.
Included without extra cost in advanced and enterprise packages. Available as an add-on with base or standard.

Create products quickly

Upload/create many products and images in one go.

Order export to Memnon, Pacsoft
and/or Unifaun

Export delivery information to Memnon, Pacsoft and/or Unifaun. Read more

Synchronization with
economy systems

Support for synchronization of orders, customers, products with Visma, Mamut, Specter and more.
Read more Synchronization with different economy systems

Staggered prices/
per product (Retailer/B2B module)

- we install free of charge on request.

Gift wrap

Offer present wrapping as an extra
- we install free of charge on request.

Associate products/cross-sell

You can recommend additional products (i.e accessories) with a product
- we install free of charge on request.

Editing of a customer’s order

add products, change prices, etc.
- we install free of charge on request.

Product export/import

Export/import of the shops products and standard prices from/to for example Excel, csv (only latin characters)
- we install free of charge on request.

Support for import of product ‘feeds’

i.e “feeds” från Excel, XML, CSV etc

Export newsletter subscribers
to Excel

Export newsletter subscribers to Excel.

Discount on total order amount

i.e 5% discount between 1000:- and 3000:-, then 7,50% over 3000, 10% over 5000:- etc
- we install free of charge on request.

Options Manager Pro

Soon out-of-stock notification

Notification e-mail to admin when stock is low

Gift certificates/discount coupons

- we install free of charge on request.

SMS for new orders
(e-mail is included in
all packages)

SMS order can be enabled/disabled in administration
For SMS function there is an additional charge per SMS message of approx €0.05
- we install free of charge on request.

Advanced stock tracking /
Stock System Pro

With Stock & Quantity Tracking Pro you can input how many you have in stock for every separate combination i.e: 3 medium blue dresses with a flower motive (3 options) or 7 computers with 2Gbs ram memory, 2 ghz processor with black, 17″ screen (4 options)

The system supports unlimited different alternatives together and in different combinations and also creates a detailed low-stock report in admin showing exactly which sizes, colors etc, you are running low on.
- we install free of charge on request.
Read more

Support for multi stores
(several stores (front-ends), but only one control panel if you wish).
A so-called Multi Store. Up to 5 stores included in Max at no extra charge!)

You can have multiple stores with different design and content related to a single stock (if you wish) and a single control panel
Read more

Support for Points and Rewards
(Points & Rewards)

Allocate points that a customer recieves when they order.
You decide how many points a product or order is worth.
The customer can save then use the points to pay for a future order.
1600 SEK, one-off fee.

Support for Multi-store system
(several e-stores but one control panel (back-end) for admin
(Multi store)

You can have several shops with for example different names, design, product range, languages, currencies and more, but one back-end for order processing (and even shared stock control if you want)
Read more

Support for B2B/resellor modul
(Different discounts/prices or pricelists for specified customers or customer category)

Different discounts/prices or pricelists for specified customers or customer category (Retailer/B2B modul).
- Only show prices for logged in and/or approved customers (hide otherwise)
Read more

E-mail services
(if you have your own domain and name server with us, connected to the shop)


Forwarding to an existing e-mail address.

Virus and anti-spam filter

Web e-mail and calendar function

Just like Hotmail, Gmail etc (reach you e-mail from any computer, anywhere).

Number of mailboxes (POP3/Imap)

Different seperate mailboxes (if you are for example several people) i.e firstname.lastname@ plus aliases as above.
Even Imap is included in enterprise package.
Space included: Advanced 500MB, Enterprise 1GB, Enterprise+ 10GB (the space can be divided differently between several accounts)
Extra space can be purchased (50 SEK/mån för 100MB, 125 SEK/mån för 500MB, 495 SEK/mån för 10GB.
On Base package two POP e-mail accounts can be purchased (as well as 5 aliases and web mail from 95 kr / mon for 500 MB – the room can be divided differently between accounts)

10 25 Unlim.


The advantage with aliases is that if one sends to (for example) info@ or kundsupport@ or stefan@, the e-mail comes to one and the same e-mail box. You don’t need to check several accounts. (but can see if the person has written to ‘info’ etc in the ‘to’ field).
On Base package two POP e-mail accounts can be purchased (as well as 5 aliases and web mail from 95 kr / mon for 500 MB – the room can be divided differently between accounts)

10 25 Unlim.


Auto-reply with for example ‘holiday’.

Possibility to add Hosted Exchange
Shared maps within your company, such as inbox, calendar, and tasks.
20% rebate for enterprise customers. Read more

Lots of space, several packages
Work where you want, when you want…
20% discount for our enterprise customers. Read more

Reports and statistics

Text statistics

Visitors on-line

Visitors on-line now (in real time).

Customer orders history

Best sellers list

Popular products (most viewed)

Sales & profit statistics(inc taxes repost)

‘Unsold customers cart report’

Gives you a report over customers that have added products to their shopping cart, but have not finished their order for some reason.
Contact information for the customer, as well as the products added are displayed.

Detailed statistics

Detailed statistic information over visitors (incl. Search words that are used to find your shop)

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (‘tracking’ all the way to checkout) Read more
- we install free of charge on request.

Graphic statistics in PDF

Possibility for Graphic statistics in PDF

Error pages

Own error 404 -page


Daily backup

We Back-up everything daily and every back-up is saved for at least 14 days.
- does not apply to test shops, our demo shop, or e-mails.

24h monitoring

24h monitoring of your e-store. Our uptime 99.998% the last few years, inc planned work/updating. Read more

Support via e-mail

You will get firstclass support, help and guidance the whole way (and quick!). We are renowned for our excellent support and knowledgable personel. That’s why we exist!

Telephone support

Telephone support, Monday – Friday between 10am and 16pm.
(most of our customers prefer however to send an e-mail for an even quicker and accurate solution)
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