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Talex probably knows everything there is to know about e-commerce.
We have over 12 years of experience in e-commerce and e-business projects. We have helped to launch more than 2000 e-stores.
Starting a webshop is currently very simple, it does not cost much and goes very quickly.
To succeed in e-business and make it grow, however, is a different and much more complex issue.
A lot is happening in the industry and it is happening quickly.

It does not need to be about Talex’s platform
Which system you are working with is less important.
The most important thing is that you want to move forward as e-retailers.
Talex has always delivered consulting services.
Customized, flexible solutions. That is what we are known for!

Talex’s own system or another?
Our system “Talex Webshop” is much more than just a hirebutik (Software as a Service – Saas) system.
We are constantly developing new integrations, functions and solutions.
Many of the features are in great demand and because we have many clients beneath our wings, we can offer very favorable prices on the various modules (many are free of charge).
Everything for you to be able to succeed with your e-commerce. The e-commerce branch is an industry constantly on the move, we want you to keep up.
By selecting Talex Webshop you will not only get fast, engaged support and help all the way but also operation 24/7, hosting and not least updates so that something does not suddenly stop working (or if it does it is quickly solved), as well as our many years expertize and experience.
For a low monthly/annual cost you will get the opportunity to always be in the forefront, including business systems integrations, freight / shipping integrations, many payment solutions throughout the world, third-party shopping / price comparison sites and more.
Your store solution with us is completely separated and we can make unique adaptations to it, you are not locked into a template or off the shelf system that has limitations.
We take care of the technical aspects. You can focus on selling!

Other solutions (open source) – for example Magento and OpenCart
We can also provide installation and start-up services using open source solutions, Magento and OpenCart.
Bear in mind though that if you choose an open source solution you will need a developer onboard, a lot more time and deeper pockets because an e-commerce platform, and above all third-party connections constantly need to be maintained.
A rental solution (SaaS) with Talex will be easier, quicker and cheaper to get started with and it will also still work and still be very modern in a few years. The main advantage with open source is that you are not locked to ONE provider. You can decide about the hosting, maintenance, new features, and when updates should be made and so on.
Talex has developers and experts in both Talex Webshop and open source solutions like Magento and OpenCart.
Moreover, we can migrate to and from virtually any platform, so if you want to try something new we can help you.

Talex can (via our subsidiary TopCove) help you with installation of Magento or OpenCart (also managed solutions including hosting, updates, operation and support) if you do not wish or cannot do everything yourselves.

Challenge us so we will meet you with an innovation, efficiency and a plan to take your project to goal.

Security with Talex. We are always on hand with designers, programmers, SEO experts with more.

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