Incredibly good online store solution
We have used Talex Webshop solution for nearly 2 years. Previously we had another solution that was far from Talex professionalism. Talex has definitely helped us and given us opportunities to grow. It is far ahead with new features and if there is something specific you want it can almost always be solved. We are very pleased and highly recommend Talex to other companies. Support is probably the best really. Whatever day of the week, you can always get a Quick answer and help. Talex is not the cheapest on the market, there are others who have lower price. It was such a solution we used earlier to run our small shop cheaply. For us it has been worth every penny it cost us to use Talex. I can do nothing about coding or the like, but, with the help from Talex I can easily run a store that gives two people full time job. I have been helped countless times from their support and sometimes down to the direct stupid questions but always get good answers.